Managing residential tenants can be a real headache, especially in Quebec.

If you want to build passive income with revenue property, there are some things you need to know. This course will help you understand the ins-and-outs of residential property management in Quebec so you can manage like a pro!

Planning on hiring a manager? No problem – you still need to understand what the firm will be doing for you. This course can also help you know enough to effectively select and oversee a property manager.

Online Course: Winning at Property Management in Quebec

This course takes the guess-work out of property management especially in Quebec, where tenancy laws are some of the most tenant-friendly in the country.

Whether you plan to manage your investments yourself, or to hire a manager, you need to grasp the basics of running real estate for profit. This on-demand online course breaks it all down for you. With purchase you get :

– 3 hours of video content ; watch as often as you like, when you want

– downloadable worksheets

– follow along on the power point slides

– step-by-step guide to writing effective leases (with downloadable examples)



This property management class will help you learn the play-by-play of getting your properties to cash-flow efficiently. But, without a winning mindset, there can be problems with application. All the practical strategies outlined in the course are of no use if your mind isn’t aligned!

Think dieting. The best diet in the world won’t help if you lack the follow-through to apply what you’re learning.

Here’s where “Mindful Landlord” (the book) can help. In a nutshell, the book is a mental training program that will help you audit your investor’s mindset, and address and overcome any mental obstacles.

My advice : they’re like ketchup and eggs, or chocolate and strawberries! Better together.

The real estate coaching industry is a noisy place. Gurus, agents, and coaches compete to sell their brand of get-rich-quick training. It’s a climate that encourages new investors students to take big risks, leverage to the hilt, and do as many deals as possible, fast. As a result, many fledgling landlords seek deals without assessing the quality of what they’re buying. There is a real lack of resources that espouse calm.

Mindful Landlord offers a middle way through this noise. Focusing on questions such as how, what for, how much, and why, author Terrie Schauer takes a holistic view of creating financial freedom through real estate investing.

After twenty years managing rental properties and investing Terrie Schauer knows how real estate can lead to financial freedom. She coaches and speaks to guide others on this path. She hold monthly real estate workshops for investors. Her blog offers tips and advice on the subject. She a PhD (Simon Fraser University, Communications), a Masters (Oxford), and a B.A. in Philosophy (University of Toronto). Schauer is a former athlete with world championship medals in two sports (kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).