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Incrementality : The Slowness of Success

It’s not news that we’re a quick fix, instant results kind of culture. We want it all. Now. Advertising and “overnight” success stories have us believing that change is something that has to happen with a bang. It should be as easy starting a new, crash- initiative, right?   Why do so many ambitious New […]


Angie Abdou’s The Bone Cage is not only entertaining and well-written, but it gives a great snapshot of the daily life of elite athletes. Featuring the Olympic training camps of wrestler Digger and swimmer Sadie, the book traces the highs, lows and grinding fatigue that is part of these athletes’ lives. The book opens with a scene […]

2018 GUIDE TO MONTREAL REVENUE PROPERTY: Make 2018 your year !

Want to invest in rental property in Montreal in 2018? Don’t miss this Meet-Up! Terrie Schauer, rental property manager, runs a workshop that will help you outline your investment goals for 2018. This workshop will show basic financial guidelines for identifying profitable investments. Terrie will share her insider’s market analysis of which areas are profitable, […]

What to do about problem tenants?

The most popular question my clients ask me is: “What can I do if I have problems with my tenants?” This issue is so pressing in the minds of would-be investors that it’s the fear that prevents them from taking the plunge into the world of property investing. As a property manager and investment real estate broker, I’ve […]

Did you know Airbnb can be risky business?

Thinking of Airbnbing your condo? Maybe you’re already making extra money hosting guests for a few weekends. Landlord beware! Here are a few risks to consider before choosing this business model: More and more condo associations are forbidding Airbnb. Even if some continue to tolerate short-term rentals today, there is no guarantee that at the […]