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It was the coldest winter ever. Many animals died because of the cold. The hedgehogs, realizing the situation, decided to group together to keep warm. This way they covered and protected themselves, but the quills of each one wounded their closest companions. After a while, they decided to distance themselves one from the other and […]


“It is not what happens to you that determines your fate. It is what you do next.” – Karen Wright, The Sequoia Seed Karen Wright’s book, The Sequoia Seed, begins with an explanation of how the magnificent Sequoia tree reproduces itself. Its tiny seeds may lie dormant on the forest floor for many, many years before […]

THE EFFORT EFFECT | From Arno Illgner’s Warrior’ Way Site)

From an article about Carol Dweck (THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE LINK HERE—Summary reprinted from Arno Illgner’s Warrior’ Way Site) Researcher Carol Dweck’s study asked the following question: “What makes a really capable child give up in the face of failure, where other children may be motivated by the failure?” She studied results of a British soccer team to […]


“When running up a mountain you can give up a thousand times. Just make sure your feet keep moving.” – Japanese Master Someone asked me not long ago about how to stay motivated after making a big, prolonged effort. The person had just lost a lot of weight and wanted advice on how to continue […]


Information on finding fights, getting on cards and promoting yourself as a fighter… 24-year-old Muay Thai fighter Ashley Altman, (6 wins, 7 losses; 2006 WAKO US Lightweight division title; 2007 TBA-SA North American Bantamweight title) is self-promoted. What this means is that she doesn’t rely on a gym or a manager to book fights for […]

Psychological Fears Revisited

www.warriorsway.com We discussed types of fears in previous lessons. Let us revisit them now to see how they diminish our power and what we can do to minimize them. There are two types of fears: psychological and physiological. We will revisit psychological fears in this lesson. – Psychological fears originate from our egos. We may […]


REPRINTED FROM ARNO ILGNER’S ROCK CLIMBING BLOG http://warriorsway.com/shifting-to-doing/ As you transition from preparation to action, you move from one skill set to another. In action, you use the doing skill set; you focus attention on acting out your plan. If you drag thinking into doing, you mix skill sets and attention will be diffused between […]