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Confessions of a Damage Insurance Broker: Making Choices in a Changing Insurance Market

Interview with Jacques Amzallag: Top Damage Insurance Broker The insurance industry is changing. Premiums are going up, and so are claims-exclusions. It’s  a good time to hear from an expert in the field! I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jacques Amzallag, top damage insurance broker at Racine & Chamberland. Here are some of the […]


A year ago, who lived on Zoom meetings, Uber Eats and Amazon? Now we all do. Technological change has reached a fever-pitch, and this isn’t likely to change soon. As Real Estate Investors, we need to be mindful of how we and our businesses interact with technology, to be able to adapt to a chancing […]

It’s Never Been A Better Time to Be A Woman

Yes, there are wrongs to be righted. Yes, there’s still injustice. Yes, gender roles are a subject of a lot of bad blood. But instead of dwelling there, why not take a moment to celebrate? Let’s do glass half-full. What incredible luck to be born female RIGHT NOW! We can choose who we marry, when […]

The Great Debt Shift

Do low mortgage rates have you thinking about pulling equity? Are you blown away by the low number on your credit card statement? You’re not alone. Canadians have been saving more and racking up less consumer debt. One consequence of the pandemic is that credit card spending and consumer debt have decreased. On the other […]

Interview with Alex Avery : The Wealthy Renter’s Real Estate Advice for Covid-19

  Real Estate Advice for Covid-19: What The Wealthy Renter Has to Say About Investing Now How Are You Using your Covid-19 Crisis? Covid-19 Crisis has us transforming confinement-psychosis into new pass-times. Amateur bakers and hair-stylists are popping up all over the place. I admit I’m going through a lot of flour these days, but […]