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Should You Join a Mastermind in 2024?  Put a Mastermind on Your Christmas List!

Mastering Success: The Birth of Mastermind Groups and the Go Pro Formula Ever wondered why January was the magical month for Terrie and Axel to kickstart their mastermind adventure? You’re about to find out! They peel back the curtain on what motivated them to take the plunge and start these game-changing groups. Hold tight as […]

Why You Should Build Habit-, Not Outcome Goals

It’s January. We’re all just back from vacation and doing our goal-setting for the year. Whether you want to purchase ten more doors or lose ten more pounds, how you approach that goal counts. Here’s what I mean. Progress isn’t linear. Life doesn’t have finish lines. If you set an outcome goal, every day you […]

If You Quit Now, You’ll Never Know How Close Are…

Life doesn’t have finish lines. When you race, it’s for a specific distance. In a Jiu Jitsu or wrestling or boxing match, there’s a time limit. But in life, very few races come with a defined finish line. You can spend years pushing—giving effort, time, money, sacrifice—and have no guarantee of when or, even if, […]

Terrie’s Predictions for the Rental Market 2023

Hold onto your hats. It’s going to be a long, cold winter for a lot of renters. In our office, we have a higher volume of payment defaults than ever before–and it’s mid-December! Usually, January and February are the months when most of our tenants have payment issues. They load their credit cards during the […]

Terrie’s Predictions for the Market in 2023

Rate increases will slow, prices will come down some, and professional investors will start getting antsy in Spring. Jammed up markets will start moving. Is it time to buy? Prices of investment properties will come down a bit, but the interest rates will continue to be a problem for profitability for a while longer. I […]