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The Great Debt Shift

Do low mortgage rates have you thinking about pulling equity? Are you blown away by the low number on your credit card statement? You’re not alone. Canadians have been saving more and racking up less consumer debt. One consequence of the pandemic is that credit card spending and consumer debt have decreased. On the other […]

Interview with Alex Avery : The Wealthy Renter’s Real Estate Advice for Covid-19

  Real Estate Advice for Covid-19: What The Wealthy Renter Has to Say About Investing Now How Are You Using your Covid-19 Crisis? Covid-19 Crisis has us transforming confinement-psychosis into new pass-times. Amateur bakers and hair-stylists are popping up all over the place. I admit I’m going through a lot of flour these days, but […]

Thinking of Investing? Learn How to Landlord Like A Pro

User’s Manual For Rental Property Want to avoid common mistakes made by new property owners? There’s now a user’s guide! Introducing a new Online Property Management Course for New Real Estate Investors When you buy a washing machine or an air-conditioning unit, there’s always an instruction manual in the box or available online. Same goes […]

Giving Back to Hochelaga-Maisonneuve: Holiday Food Drive

Charity does not decrease wealth – Hadith I’ve been managing properties in the Montreal district of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve for over fifteen years now. The district has been good both to me as an investor, and to my clients who own rental units in the area. Property values have appreciated and gentrification has raised our rents. These […]