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How Safe Is Your Money?

Is Owning Rental Units a Risky Lifestyle? People often tell me that the financial aspect of my life as a Real Estate investor sounds risky.  I totally disagree!  In my opinion, what’s risky is to have all your eggs in one basket so to speak… the basket of your employment income. This is especially true […]

Overcome THE Main Obstacle Real Estate Investors Face

What’s the one factor behind plateaus, stagnation and analysis-paralysis? If you said, fear, you’re right!  Fear is the most common barrier from converting real estate plans into real world actions. While we may think potential financial loss, market instability, or bad tenants are stopping us, what’s under the surface is a much more personal hurdle. […]

Afraid of Not Being Able to Afford a Home? Listen to This! 

With today’s property markets, single-family-homes in most urban centers are increasingly becoming luxury items. In this episode Terrie interviews Real Estate Agent David Dippong. David has developed a training program to help educate buyers on how to enter the property market in unaffordable markets.   In this episode, David and Terrie zero in on the challenges […]

Could this be a solution to a broken housing ladder?

Tailor-trash. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when most people think about mobile homes. Franco Perez, mobile home expert, sees something else. Franco believes mobile home ownership can become the first step onto the property ladder. As property prices in many urban centers rise beyond the capacity of many middle-class families, we urgently […]

Here’s Why Some Passive Investors Almost Always Secure Good Deals

Time freedom. It’s the holy grail that most people seek from Real Estate. That, and financial liberty. In this episode, Bronson talks about his journey out of work as a medical equipment sales person, and into the wonderful world of investing.  Bronson’s secret sauce: accepting the gradual nature of the process. In this episode, Terrie […]

No Friends in Real Estate? No Problem!

What can you do to accelerate your progress as a real estate investor? Tune into this episode featuring a relaxed conversation between Terrie and Dustin Heiner, Founder of MasterPassiveIncome.  Dustin shares insights into the origins and growth of the Real Estate Wealth Conference, underlining its philosophy centered around serving and assisting individuals in both real […]

The Episode Every New Investor Needs To Hear

What are the biggest roadblocks new investors face? How can you overcome them? According to Real Estate coach Chris Logan, two main dangers plaguing new investors are self-limiting beliefs and societal expectations. In this episode, Chris explains how to address self-doubt and societal expectations. He offers strategies for confronting these typical mental roadblocks that might […]