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When was the last time your bank balance made you feel warm and fuzzy?

Can you think of a moment when one of your buildings created meaning in your life?

As investors and people who are pushing our limits in terms of our professional and financial development, it’s easy to spend tons of time chasing the 3 D’s—more doors, more deals, more dollars. 

I’m about to show you why we may have it backwards!

Meaning & Well-being

Fulfilment for most people doesn’t fit nicely into a bank account. It lives in relationships. In the case of Real Estate Investing, it lives in the community of investors with whom we surround ourselves. 

We may be chasing financial success pretty hard, but even happiness research reveals that human well-being comes from the relationships and networks we cultivate, more than from metrics of “external” success like money or property. Why would it be different in the Real Estate field?

This is one of the reasons why community is so important for Real Estate investors. But there are others. 


A strong community has value beyond the warm-and-fuzzies. The social ties that constitute a community also contain a lot of knowledge about the behavior of its members. We call this reputation, for short. When you’re part of a community, it’s much easier to check referrals and to deal with people who can be trusted, as social ties tend to reward humans who engage in ethical and generous behavior. 

Bad actors tend to be ejected from strong communities pretty quickly, as their behavior is corrosive to social ties. For this reason, it actually pays—in dollars and lack of headaches—to be part of a strong community. 


On your birthday, you celebrate with your friends and family. The same goes for milestones like weddings, funerals, and graduations. In real estate, who do you party with when you do a great deal? Likely, your family, your work colleagues or anyone else you associate with outside of the industry, won;t really understand your triumphs and struggles. This is one of the main pain-points I hear from people I coach: they feel like they can’t relate with their social networks about their Real Estate ambitions. 

Where are the friends who can appreciate the challenges you have overcome?

This is an additional value to being part of a community that shares one of your passions. 


Make sure you join a community. It doesn’t have to be my community (although we’d love to have you!)

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In the long term, you actually can’t afford not to. 

It’s that powerful.

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