Why Investors Who Attend Conferences Make Better Decisions

What’s THE thing that suffered most during COVID, but that is THE biggest contributor to human happiness?

One word: community. 

I could go on about how the lack of community in modern life is the root-cause of a lot of mental health issues (and I’d be right!) but this is a Real Estate post, so let’s stay focused!

Community in the real estate industry gets talked about less than deals, doors and dollars, but is just as key to success. 

Growth Acceleration

When you’re part of a community, doors open faster—onto learning and better networking opportunities, onto smarter ways of doing things, and onto more doors, literally. The fastest path to more open doors, in Real Estate and in life, has in my experience been nestled within social ties. Support and camaraderie accelerates professional growth, but it also leads to getting the inside track on bigger, better deals and being able to close them effectively.


We don’t often talk about reputation in Real Estate, but another critical aspect of being involved in a community is being able to triangulate who is who, and to know whether or not a particular contact is trustworthy or credible. In real estate, your reputation can precede you, and so if you’re known as a closer and an ethical person, that reputation will in the end make your life easier.

You can also use your community ties to help vet partners, power-team members and potential peers. Social ties are a great way of using the “group mind” as your gate-keeper. 

Mental Health

On my other podcast I had the opportunity to interview Sonia Lyubomyrski, world-renown happiness researcher. 

One of her key findings is that community (or lack of it) is the main variable affecting our mood and sense of well-being. Its impact was found to be larger than money, religion and even marriage. 

In my experience, a thriving real estate community can actually be an axis for developing well-being, because it acts as a (now) rare venue for connecting with others who share your goals, values and passions. How many venues like this do we have left nowadays? I know I’ve suffered from feelings of isolation at the times where I’ve felt disconnected from community.  

If you’d like to hear me talk more about how to join or create a thriving community that will support your personal wellbeing and business growth, head over to this week’s episode of the Real Escape Podcast here:

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