Overcome THE Main Obstacle Real Estate Investors Face

What’s the one factor behind plateaus, stagnation and analysis-paralysis? If you said, fear, you’re right! 

Fear is the most common barrier from converting real estate plans into real world actions. While we may think potential financial loss, market instability, or bad tenants are stopping us, what’s under the surface is a much more personal hurdle.

This episode is about how to hack your fear-system. After years of combat sports and navigating a panic disorder, I have intimate knowledge of how fear operates and, more importantly, how to conquer it to thrive in real estate investing and in life.

The real key is a better understanding of the fear-system; its levers, its purpose, and ultimately its functionality when inscribed in the wider understanding of our emotional systems. Fear, as I describe it, serves a protective function in our lives, but when left uncontained, it can keep us from realizing our potential. Recognizing fear as an obstacle is the first step. Wouldn’t you like to know what Step 2 is?

Don’t let fear dominate your decisions! On the other side of fear is a wide world of opportunity waiting for you. 

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