No Friends in Real Estate? No Problem!

What can you do to accelerate your progress as a real estate investor? Tune into this episode featuring a relaxed conversation between Terrie and Dustin Heiner, Founder of MasterPassiveIncome. 

Dustin shares insights into the origins and growth of the Real Estate Wealth Conference, underlining its philosophy centered around serving and assisting individuals in both real estate and life. 

Terrie, exploring the Canadian perspective, addresses the reservations some investors may have about attending conferences in the US, emphasizing the importance of supportive environments at such events. 

Tune in and implement a systematic approach to your real estate journey, paving the way for increased success in this dynamic industry!

Key Topics:

  • Dustin’s Insights: Financial Gains in Real Estate
  • Importance of Supportive Environments at Conferences
  • Real Estate Wealth Conference: Origins and Success
  • Philosophy of Success: Serving and Helping Others
  • Contrasting Real Estate Individuals on Social Media

Notable Words From The Episode: 


I think that’s one of the unfortunate things in our industry is that there are a lot of people in the industry who are very money motivated.

 – Terrie Schauer


Real estate’s not about properties, it’s about people.

– Dustin Heiner


[00:00] Podcast intro

[00:27] Dustin Discussed the financial benefits of investing in real estate.

[02:30] Dustin emphasizes the challenges faced when initially investing in real estate.

[04:45] Dustin  discusses the inception and evolution of the Real Estate Wealth Conference.

[08:19] Dustin underscores the philosophy that success in real estate and life is a byproduct of serving and helping people.

[10:36] Terrie addresses the hesitation Canadian investors may have about attending conferences in the US.

[12:09]  Dustin emphasizes the success of Rewbcon based on two pillars: principles and vision.

[14:49] Terrie underscores the importance of supportive environments in conferences.

[15:44]  Dustin contrasts two types of individuals in the real estate space on social media.

[18:58] Dustin emphasizes the vision of serving and helping others.

[22:19] Outro

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