Here’s Why Some Passive Investors Almost Always Secure Good Deals

Time freedom. It’s the holy grail that most people seek from Real Estate. That, and financial liberty. In this episode, Bronson talks about his journey out of work as a medical equipment sales person, and into the wonderful world of investing. 

Bronson’s secret sauce: accepting the gradual nature of the process.

In this episode, Terrie underscores the value of nurturing connections between potential partners and passive investors to cultivate confidence and foster relationships.

Tune in as they share practical wisdom and experiences to inspire listeners in their own financial endeavors!

Key Topics:

  • Medical sales to time freedom in real estate
  • Financial independence and early retirement: A gradual process
  • The importance of self-education and networking
  • Networking & Self-Education: Essential Investments
  • Valuing Time in Real Estate

Notable Words From The Episode: 

We want financial freedom, but ultimately, a lot of it has to do with time freedom.

 – Terrie Schauer


With passive income, then you have the choice if you want to go to work or not, or you can create your own where you can do what you want to do because you have your living expenses covered.

– Bronson Hill


[00:00] Podcast intro

[00:56] Bronson discussed their journey from medical device sales to achieving time freedom through multifamily investing and syndication

[02:46] Bronson discussed the concept of achieving financial independence and retiring early

[04:34] Terrie emphasized that financial freedom is a gradual process

[05:21] Bronson discussed the transition from active to passive investing

[07:40] Bronson emphasized the significance of self-education and networking as crucial investments.

[09:53]  Terrie discussed the value of facilitating connections between potential partners or passive investors to build confidence and foster relationships

[12:27] Bronson shared their journey of not quitting their job immediately but gradually transitioning into real estate

[15:16]  Terrie emphasized the importance of valuing one’s time as a business person and real estate investor

[17:19] Terrie and Bronson discussed the common perception of competition in private equity real estate and syndication.

[20:04] Outro

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