Could this be a solution to a broken housing ladder?

Tailor-trash. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when most people think about mobile homes. Franco Perez, mobile home expert, sees something else. Franco believes mobile home ownership can become the first step onto the property ladder. As property prices in many urban centers rise beyond the capacity of many middle-class families, we urgently need some solutions to avoid shutting people out of the benefits of home-ownership. 

Join us for this episode in which Franco talks about the transformative potential of unconventional housing solutions. By sharing his own journey—as a Filippino immigrant turned successful real estate agent—Franco hopes to inspire others. 

He’s going this by dispelling the stigma surrounding mobile home parks as well as the myth of their depreciationm while advocating for a shift in perception.

The conversation between Terrie and Franco explores the business model of using mobile homes as an affordable housing solution, emphasizing the importance of breaking stereotypes. 

Tune in to gain valuable insights into the complexities of the real estate market and the pressing need for more inclusive housing solutions!

Key Topics:

  • From Struggling Immigrant to Successful Real Estate Agent
  • Navigating Skepticism in Establishing a Mobile Home Business
  • Addressing the Stigma Surrounding Mobile Home Parks
  •  Exploring the Business Model of Using Mobile Homes
  • Emphasizing the Importance of Inclusive Housing Solutions

Notable Words From The Episode: 


Hearing the pain of young people coming up who are like, I’m never going to own a home, it’s just too difficult.

 – Terrie Schauer


If you find something you’re actually passionate about, the obstacles mean nothing.

– Franco Perez


[00:00] Podcast intro

[00:41] Franco shared his journey from struggling immigrant to real estate agent.

[03:57] Terrie discusses the rising housing costs in Canadian cities like Toronto and Montreal.

[05:03] Franco addresses the stigma around mobile home parks.

[10:12] Franco dispels the myth that mobile homes depreciate.

[11:41] Terrie and Franco  discussed the business model of utilizing mobile homes as an affordable housing solution.

[13:16]  Franco discusses the importance of breaking stigmas around mobile homes and emphasizes the need to understand personal cash flow when considering housing options.

[16:28] Terrie  acknowledges the challenges faced by young people in accessing homeownership.

[17:31]  Franco  discussed the limitations of government programs like reduced rent initiatives.

[19:56] Franco  shares his journey of overcoming obstacles and skepticism while starting a business in mobile homes

[23:34] Outro

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