Afraid of Not Being Able to Afford a Home? Listen to This! 

With today’s property markets, single-family-homes in most urban centers are increasingly becoming luxury items. In this episode Terrie interviews Real Estate Agent David Dippong. David has developed a training program to help educate buyers on how to enter the property market in unaffordable markets.  

In this episode, David and Terrie zero in on the challenges of financial planning for homeownership. David, a licensed real estate advisor, drives home the point that early financial planning is not just wise but crucial to entering the property market. 

Terrie sheds light on the challenge of affording homes in overpriced markets and delves into financial strategies for young individuals to navigate the complexities of expensive properties.

As the conversation unfolds, David and Terrie underscore the need for long-term financial strategies and realistic goal-setting, drawing parallels between homeownership and the strategic planning essential for higher education. 

Tune in to gain practical wisdom on navigating the journey towards homeownership and financial stability!

Key Topics:

  • Importance of Early Financial Planning
  • Affordability Challenges in Overpriced Housing Markets
  • Long-term Financial Planning and Realistic Homeownership Goals
  •  Financial Strategies for Young Individuals in Expensive Property Markets
  • Analogy Between Homeownership Preparation and Strategic Planning for Higher Education

Notable Words From The Episode: 

Entry level house home costs are so high that it’s, you know, used to be kind of a milestone on people’s life progression

 – Terrie Schauer


Because it’s easy not to spend all of your money, when there’s this thing that you’re looking forward to in the future

– David Dippong


[00:00] Podcast intro

[02:40] David  emphasizes the importance of early financial planning.

[05:32] Terrie highlights the challenge of affording homes in overpriced markets

[07:46] David  emphasizes the importance of long-term financial planning and setting realistic goals for homeownership.

[09:38] Terrie delves into financial strategies for young people to afford expensive properties

[11:08] David emphasizes the changing norms in homeownership

[15:40]  Terrie underscores the analogy between preparing for homeownership and the strategic planning involved in pursuing higher education

[17:37] David emphasizes the need for improved education on homeownership and financial matters

[21:41]  Terrie discussed  the importance of finding personal motivation and purpose in financial and life goals

[23:43] Terrie and David emphasizes the importance of living intentionally and making incremental improvements towards personal goals

[31:35] Outro

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