The Episode Every New Investor Needs To Hear

What are the biggest roadblocks new investors face? How can you overcome them?

According to Real Estate coach Chris Logan, two main dangers plaguing new investors are self-limiting beliefs and societal expectations. In this episode, Chris explains how to address self-doubt and societal expectations. He offers strategies for confronting these typical mental roadblocks that might be holding you back from your real estate dreams.

What about dabbling in different real estate gigs without a game plan? Terrie’s not a fan. She calls out the dangers of a scattered approach. Chris echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the need to stick or switch based on your initial why.

Terrie and Chris tag-team the issue of cash as a motivator in Real Estate. They dig into the importance of being aligned and satisfied in your real estate journey. It’s not just about the dollars, folks.

So, hit play, and let Terrie and Chris guide you through the real estate jungle! 

Key Topics:  

  • Real Estate Wisdom: Conquer Hesitations, Unlock Success
  • Smart Moves: Boost Your Real Estate Skills with Sharp Thinking
  • Steady Wins the Race: Mastering Consistent Real Estate Success
  • Avoiding Pitfalls: The Dangers of Dabbling
  • Chasing Joy Wisely: Finding True Happiness for the Right Reasons
  • Goal Glow-Up: Illuminating Success with Clear Targets

Notable Words From The Episode: 

The more you’re able to develop professionally, the more you’re gonna have a meaningful existence. 

 – Terrie Schauer


There may be periods of time where transition can be hard. But you’re never really stuck, you can always do something different.

– Chris Logan


[00:00] Podcast intro

[00:40] Chris discusses his 10-year real estate journey.

[02:54] Chris emphasizes the importance of overcoming self-limiting beliefs and societal expectations when entering real estate.

[06:47] Terrie acknowledges the challenges in real estate and criticizes previous generations of real estate coaching for potentially oversimplifying the journey.

[08:27] Chris highlights a common issue where individuals frequently switch real estate strategies when faced with obstacles.

[09:54] Terrie addresses the risk of dabbling in various aspects of the real estate industry without a clear commitment.

[12:34]  Chris emphasizes that the decision to continue or pivot in one’s real estate journey depends on the initial motivation for starting.

[15:32] Terrie discusses the dual nature of real estate as an industry with significant financial opportunities and underscores the importance of personal alignment and professional satisfaction.

[17:44]  Terrie and Chris discuss the challenge of change and the importance of avoiding the pursuit of happiness for the wrong reasons.

[24:35] Chris stresses the importance of clarity in setting goals.

[29:36] Outro

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