The #1 Best Time to Sell Your Buildings

How do you avoid expensive losses when liquidating a building? 

Seeing the perfect time to sell isn’t easy. But it’s crucial to get the timing right so you don’t leave money on the table.

In this episode, Terrie dives into the nuanced art of sale-timing.

She stresses the significance of identifying that pivotal moment when a property has reached its peak appreciation potential, underscoring how strategic reinvestment is a key driver for sustained portfolio growth. 

Terrie challenges conventional wisdom, particularly questioning the conservative approach of owning properties outright. 

Tune in to gain valuable insights into the dynamic decisions that can shape a successful real estate investment strategy!

Key Topics: 

  • Terrie’s Insights on Timing Real Estate Sales
  • Recognizing Peak Appreciation for Maximum Returns
  • Strategic Reinvestment: Key to Continuous Portfolio Growth
  • Rethinking Property Ownership: Leveraging Capital for Multiplicity
  • Advantages of Mortgages: Appreciation, Tax Deductions, and Diversification

Notable Words From The Episode: 

People who play the real estate game professionally are always talking about leverage

 – Terrie Schauer


[00:00] Podcast intro
[00:08]  Terrie discusses the timing of selling real estate buildings, emphasizing the need to recognize the moment when a property has maximized its appreciation potential and the importance of strategic reinvestment for continued portfolio growth.
[08:01] Terrie challenges the conservative notion of owning properties free and clear, highlighting the benefits of leveraging capital to own multiple assets with mortgages, emphasizing the advantages of increased appreciation, tax deductions on mortgage interest, and overall portfolio diversification for professional real estate investors.
[11:46] Podcast Outro

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