Stop Falling Short of Your Goals!

Why do we so often fall short on our own goals?

Terrie kicks things off by explaining the SMART technique for setting measurable and achievable goals in the real estate game.

Another reason why we so often fall short? Not knowing the difference between outcome- and habit goals. 

And here’s the real game-changer: aligning your personal mojo with your real estate goals. Many people struggle to attain their goals because they fail to account for motivations, values, and meaning. Alignment is the secret sauce to crushing it in the property game.

Get ready to connect the dots between what drives you and the keys to real estate success!

Key Topics:

  • Smart Moves for Success: How to Set Goals That Just Make Sense
  • Big Wins or Little Steps? Choosing Your Path: Outcome vs. Habit Goals Made Easy
  • Find Your Drive: Matching What Matters in Simple Terms – Let Your Motivations and Values Click
  • Discover Your Why: Aligning What Matters Most in Motivations and Values
  • Unlock Your Drive: Exploring the Power of Meaningful Reasons – Your Catalyst for Success!
  • Crystal Clear Goals: Navigate Your Path with Goal Clarity – Your Blueprint for Success

Notable Words From The Episode: 

Our behaviours have generated the results that we’re getting

 – Terrie Schauer


[00:00] Podcast intro

[00:03] Terrie discussed the importance of setting SMART goals.

[09:59] Terrie highlighted the importance of distinguishing between outcome goals and habit goals in goal setting for real estate

[18:46] Terrie emphasizes the importance of aligning personal motivations, values, and meaningful reasons with real estate goals.

[21:41] Podcast Outro


Goal Fish’ exercise: Goal Fish SMART Goal Setting

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