Do Diet & Nutrition Matter in Real Estate?

Why We Fail at Our Diet & Fitness Goals and How to Get Back on Track

Meet Steve Hochman, fitness entrepreneur and coach. In this episode, Steve tells us WHY we never manage to lose those extra 10 (or 20) lbs and HOW we can hit that goal. 

For Steve, it’s not about new year’s resolutions or outcome or habit goals. Instead, he explains how our health and fitness goals fall short because we’re not fully aligned with them. 

What does alignment look like? How can it help YOU deal with your fitness and nutrition? It’s not just about reps and sets. Steve’s secret? Being true to yourself and living up to who you want to be for those you love.

And if you want the three golden rules for staying lean and mean, Steve’s got your back. Tune in, folks. This one’s a game-changer!

Key Topics: 

  • Conquer the Impossible: Defying Fitness Challenges with Determination
  • Unleash Your True Colors: Embrace Self-Authenticity with Bold Confidence
  • Ignite Your Journey: Discovering Purpose in Life’s Grand Tapestry
  • Own Your Power: Breaking Free from Excuse Culture, Embracing Accountability
  • Mastering Life’s Symphony: Unleashing the Power of Personal Discipline
  • Thriving Trio: Unlocking Wellness with Three Rules for Health

Notable Words From The Episode: 

Whatever the rest of the world is saying, if you want to hold yourself accountable, and you want to better yourself, you have to get very real about where am I today?

 – Terrie Schauer


It starts with having a purpose. Most people go through life with no purpose.

– Steve Hochman


[00:00] Podcast intro

[00:45] Steve discusses his journey from being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and facing personal struggles to using fitness as a transformative tool.

[05:58] Steve recounts a challenging period in college where he faced his father’s criminal activities

[08:34] Steve expresses a strong sense of self-authenticity,emphasizing that he doesn’t care about external opinions, values aligning with one’s true self.

[10:56] Steve criticizes the common approach to fitness.

[13:02] Steve emphasizes the significance of having a purpose in life.

[18:18]  Terrie and Steve talks about the importance of holding oneself accountable, addressing an excuse culture, and considering character development over outcome-focused goals in the context of fitness and self-improvement.

[23:19] Steve emphasizes the importance of embodying positive character traits and maintaining consistent habits rather than fixating on superficial outcomes.

[26:26]  Terrie and Steve emphasizes the importance of personal discipline.

[30:50] Steve discusses three rules for maintaining leanness and health, focusing on the glycemic index (GI).

[34:41] Podcast Outro

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