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Mastering Success: The Birth of Mastermind Groups and the Go Pro Formula

Ever wondered why January was the magical month for Terrie and Axel to kickstart their mastermind adventure? You’re about to find out! They peel back the curtain on what motivated them to take the plunge and start these game-changing groups.

Hold tight as Terrie unleashes the “Go Pro formula” – a secret weapon in the real estate arsenal. But that’s just the beginning! The duo breaks down the importance of market smarts and why it’s more crucial than you might think. 

Tune in, grab a snack, and let Terrie and Axel be your real estate mentors – because in the game of property, knowledge is key!

Key Topics:

  • Unlocking Real Estate Riches: The Game-Changing Magic of Mastermind Groups
  • Level Up Your Real Estate Game: Unveiling the Go Pro Formula for Success
  • Tiny Investments, Big Dreams: The Art of Starting Small in the Real Estate Game
  • Decoding Success: The Vital Role of Market Intelligence in Real Estate Triumphs
  • Elevate Your Success: The Art of Intentional Peer Group Selection in Real Estate Mastery
  • Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: The Real Estate Odyssey through the Power of Networking

Notable Words From The Episode: 

If you want to elevate yourself to a higher level, you need to surround yourself with people who have similar aspirations at least.

 – Terrie Schauer


There are people whom I’ve cut from my life, and there are people with whom I realize I shouldn’t actually spend time.

– Axel 


[00:00] Podcast intro

[00:21] Terrie and Axel discussed their motivation behind starting mastermind groups in January.

[02:47] Axel discussed the transformative impact of working together in an office environment.

[05:54] Terrie discussed the creation of two mastermind groups and introduced the “Go Pro formula”.

[08:07] Axel highlighted the common scenario of individuals starting with a condo or a small property

[09:57] Terrie and Axel discussed the importance of market intelligence in the real estate industry.

[13:09]  Terrie emphasized the importance of intentional peer group selection.

[15:08] Axel discussed the significance of intentionally choosing a peer group.

[18:19]  Terrie delved into the importance of networking.

[20:26] Terrie and Axel discussed the concept of six degrees of separation and the value of knowing people who know the solutions to problems

[25:28] Podcast Outro

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