Watch THIS Before You Pay for Real Estate Coaching

Should you pay for Real Estate coaching?

How do you assess the price tag and value of events and coaching programs?

What’s the best way to get educated as you become more committed to taking action and closing on your first property?

Tune in for Episode 2 of our Mini-series with Real Estate investor Stehanie. Last time, we discussed her experience dipping her toes into the real estate waters, going from watching YouTube videos to mingling with the pros in her local real estate networking scene. 

Now, in this thrilling second part of her story, Stefanie’s level of commitment gets real. She pays for her first coaching event and begins assembling her very own real estate squad.

Get ready to challenge those self-imposed limits, folks! Terrie shares how beliefs can shape success and how Stefanie’s mindset got a serious makeover at that boot camp.

Buckle up, because this episode is jam-packed with real estate wisdom. grab those headphones and let’s dive into Stefanie’s journey in the ever-exciting world of real estate! 

What we learned from Stefanie and Terrie Schauer in this episode:

  • How to Forge an Unstoppable Mindset and Achieve the Impossible in Real Estate.
  • How to Handle Rejections with Unstoppable Grit.
  • Build the Dream Team for Real Estate Gold, Without the Fluff
  • The Secret to Profits? Non-Stop Learning and Market Mastery.
  • Crush Barriers Holding You Back and Claim the Success You Deserve.
  • How Bold Choices Shatter Norms and Propel You to Unimagined Success.
  • The Explosive Formula for Rapid Mastery by Mixing Education with Real-World Thrills.

Notable Words From The Episode: 

  • You can’t learn everything from books, you do need some on the ground experience – Terrie Schauer
  • And even if I don’t reach my goal, like that’s okay, because I’ll still be a few steps ahead of where I was before – Stefanie


[00:00] Podcast intro

[01:00] Stefanie  discusses her journey from being a novice.

[03:27] Stefanie talks about the process she and her partner went through when deciding to attend a weekend training event

[07:00] Stefanie talked about their experience attending a course where the instructor motivated participants to establish ambitious objectives and confront their own limiting beliefs.

[08:39] Terrie highlights overcoming limiting beliefs for success and how pricing reflects the value of coaching products.

[15:41] Stefanie contemplated whether to invest in a $5,000 course for real estate, hesitating because she wanted to buy a property first to ensure her commitment.

[16:51] Terrie advises understanding coaching program value hierarchy and sales tactics.

[19:57] Terrie emphasized the significance of making strategic and timely investments in education.

[23:14] Stefanie discussed how she realized the importance of carefully choosing team members during the homebuying process.

[25:29] Stefanie emphasized the importance of establishing initial contacts.

[26:46] Terrie emphasized the importance of finding an experienced real estate broker who specializes in working with investors.

[29:40] Stefanie recounted her encounter with a real estate broker who falsely claimed expertise, while Terrie emphasized how many in the industry prioritize closing deals over offering specialized knowledge due to commission incentives.

[32:25]Terrie and Stefanie shared their struggle in parting ways with their first mortgage and real estate broker.

[38:03] Outro

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