If You Quit Now, You’ll Never Know How Close Are…

Life doesn’t have finish lines.

When you race, it’s for a specific distance. In a Jiu Jitsu or wrestling or boxing match, there’s a time limit.
But in life, very few races come with a defined finish line.
You can spend years pushing—giving effort, time, money, sacrifice—and have no guarantee of when or, even if, your goal will ever happen.
That’s the trouble with life’s undefined finish lines and it’s why it’s really, really difficult to know when to throw in the towel and when to keep pushing.
We all have something in our lives that eludes us.
I can’t tell you if quitting now is the right choice.
But I can tell you this: if you stop now, you’ll never if one more days, week or month might be all it takes.
Every big thing I’ve achieved took a lot of years and just as much faith. Every successful person I’ve talked to (and with the podcast, I talk to a lot of them) says the same thing. You reach goals with cumulated actions, time and faith.
And, when the last little obstacle gives way, it’s almost always a surprise.
If you stop now, you’ll never know how close you are.