It’s Never Been A Better Time to Be A Woman

Yes, there are wrongs to be righted.
Yes, there’s still injustice.
Yes, gender roles are a subject of a lot of bad blood.

But instead of dwelling there, why not take a moment to celebrate?

Let’s do glass half-full.
What incredible luck to be born female RIGHT NOW!

We can choose who we marry, when we marry and if we marry at all. More importantly, we can choose
what we do with our bodies. If the boss or anyone else goes offside on us, we can take them to court.
We may not always win, but at least society has created mechanisms to address such wrongs.
We can walk the streets alone at night if we want to, for the most part in safety. We can drive, vote,
own property, start businesses, go to school, study anything we want, wear what we want. How
incredible, when you look at human history.

And that’s not counting the gifts of modern science!

Imagine: we have the pill, antibiotics, condoms, drugs for yeast infections, period cramps and
epidurals. We have the best gynecological medicine humanity has ever known. Women now rarely die
in childbirth and life is safer for our infant babies than EVER in human history.

We can be ballerinas, astronauts, UFC fighters, housewives, CEOs, national presidents, 5-star chefs,
doctors – anything!

Yes, there may still be glass ceilings.

We might not always get the recognition or the money we deserve.

Yes, it might sometimes be harder for us, but hell ladies – it’s never been a better time to be a women!

So this International Women’s Day, let’s say a fat collective “Thank You” for the sacrifices made by
our mothers, grandmothers and – yes – at times fathers and male ancestors. It’s because they fought and
protested and did research and wrote laws that our lives are so much better.

Let’s spend this International Women’s Day in gratitude and celebration.
It’s never been a better time to be a woman!

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