Fighting weight: 44 to 47 Kgs
Record: 32 wins – 9 losses – 0 draws (18 ko’s)
2005 IKF North American Champion
2006 IFMA World Champion
Currently rated #1 in the WIKBA ratings

Hometown: New Liskeard, Ontario
Training Camp: Lanna Muay Thai, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Trainer: Kamon Khaengraeng
+66 894 309324
Manager: Andy Thomson
+66 819 513164
Gym website:

What does being a “warrior” mean to you? Do you have a specific image of yourself as a fighter or as a person?

Being a “warrior” means pushing myself to the limits. Be the best I can be, inside and outside of the ring. Fighting has made me a stronger person physically but especially mentally. To be a warrior means to persevere and to never give up. Give your all and you’ll come out on top. There are always obstacles getting in the way, mountains to climb and rivers to cross. But through fighting, I’ve learned what an amazing tool the mind can be. With a strong mind and a big heart, your body will over come these obstacles.

I never set out to be a fighter and I’m sure no one in my family expected it either. I was always the smallest in my class, always the quiet one trying to stay out of people’s way. I started doing muay thai for the physical benefits. I loved the workout and the way my body was responding to the hard work. I showed up at the gym one day and my trainer told me he’d gotten me a fight. I’m not a quitter so I accepted. I lost the fight but loved the adrenaline rush that came with it. I knew I could do better and knew I could win.

I don’t see myself or my life as anything really amazing. I’m just doing what I love. I guess I’m just really lucky to have the opportunity to be doing it in Thailand! I’m living my dream.

How has the mindset you developed in fighting made it easier for you to exceed your limits in the rest of your life?

At the moment, I’ve pretty much dedicated my life to muay thai. I live in Thailand and fight as often as I physically can. I train twice a day, 6 days a week. It doesn’t leave much time for anything else. I have always been a very dedicated person to what I do, whether it’s work, relationships, or fighting. Right now, work is fighting so it makes it easier to stay focused and dedicate 100% of myself to what I’m doing. Muay thai and fighting has given me confidence in myself and my abilities. It’s shown me that there is so substitute for hard work.

What have you learned through fighting that has helped you become more effective, balanced or happy in your life? 

I’m not sure that fighting is what has helped me learn how to be more balance and happy in life but more my experience in Thailand. Through living here day in and day out for over 2 years, I’ve learned to appreciate the little things in life. Through training and my interactions with so many people from different walks of life, I’ve learned to be more patient and relaxed. My trainer has helped me see how important it is to forgive. The people of this country have shown me that a smile goes a long way. I’ve also learnt to live for today. I don’t think 2 fights ahead. I think of the one coming up. I live in the present and will deal with the future when it comes.

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