Fighter Interview: Jorina Baars

Fighter Interview: Jorina Baars

A Young Dutch Lady Not to Mess With…

Age – 20
Fighting weight – 65kg
Record – 22 wins(9 by k.o.), 3 draws, 0 losses
Titles – 3 x Dutch Champion, 3 x European Champion, 3 x World Champion
Nationality – Dutch

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What does being a “warrior” mean to you? Do you have a specific image of yourself as a fighter or as a person? 

I started training in kickboxing when I was quite young. That was my sport – I like to train kick-boxing. I’m not a street fighter or anything like that. I fight only in the gym and in the ring.

When I fight I’m like another person – I’m a different Jorina than when I’m at home. Some people think that I’m joking when I say that I’m a kickboxer.

How has the mindset you developed in fighting made it easier for you to exceed your limits in the rest of your life? 

The sport makes me more relaxed outside the gym. When I’m out with my friends and someone wants to fight me, I just say: “Come tomorrow to the gym.” When they don’t show up, I know they’re losers!

What have you learned through fighting that has helped you become more effective, balanced or happy in your life? 

I give everything in training. When I’m angry, I punch the bag very hard. I punch so hard that all the aggression is out!

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