“It is not what happens to you that determines your fate. It is what you do next.”
– Karen Wright, The Sequoia Seed

Karen Wright’s book, The Sequoia Seed, begins with an explanation of how the magnificent Sequoia tree reproduces itself. Its tiny seeds may lie dormant on the forest floor for many, many years before a fire comes along. The extreme heat of the fire activates the seed, allowing it to sprout. No intense, burning heat, no Sequoia!
This is the metaphor that guides Karen’s spiritual book. Here thesis: as humans beings, we are also forged in the fires of the challenges that we face. No searing wounds or challenges, no re-birth and no growth.

In this way, Karen dissects numerous issues that may hold us human beings back from living life to its fullest. She discusses, among other themes, the ability to accept the end of things, or a loss, as a new beginning. She explains how and why it is so essential to living for ourselves, and not for others. She sheds light on why so many of us have trouble with this. She argues also for the importance of taking stock once in a while, in order that we might accurately and honestly know where we stand.

Her books are simply written, and full of sound, easy-to-use spiritual advice. I would recommend it to anyone who is beginning or already on the warrior’s path!

Check out her website for more information:

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