Book by Karate School Owner Ben Stewart

I got my hands on this book a bit randomly. Coming back from an international kickboxing tournament, my coaches got handed a few copies of Millionaire in 90 Days in Schipol airport by Ben Stewart. They decided two copies were too many for their apartment, and upon our return to Montreal, the book found its way into my gym bag and finally onto my nightstand.

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. The title and cover made me wonder what sort of writing could be inside. Once I opened the book (over Christmas break, on a transatlantic flight), I wasn’t sure about the simple and un-poetic writing style.

After the first half of page one, however, these things stopped mattering and I actually started reading Stewart’s book for the ideas and information inside. Stewart has had an unusual and quite successful go of things. 9-time world Karate/Kickboxing champion, millionaire business owner, and Karate teacher- and school-owner, Stewart has obviously done a few things right.

Millionaire in 90 Days, transmits some of Stewart’s ideas about how living with a millionaire’s mindset, lifestyle and attitude is the first step to success. He presents his game-plan for taking control of your time, finances and weight/fitness. Depending on where you sit on the spectrum with how well you control these areas of your life, Stewart’s advice may or may not be new information. As a holistic strategy, however, he does a good job of covering most of the bases and giving an overview of what a winning lifestyle could look like.

On leveraging time, he has some particularly valuable things to say. If you earn 30$ an hour, for example, why spend your time doing tasks that you can pay someone else 10$ an hour to do (for example groceries, dishes, and household chores)? Work one extra hour and this will effectively buy you 2 hours more of free time since the ratio of your time to minimum wage is 3:1.

For the small business owner as well, Stewart has some good advice. He advises moving from the position of doer to manager and coordinator. Systematize, he argues. You want to get your business to the point where it can function without you! This is how you will truly be able to take advantage of the time and lifestyle that wealth- and business ownership should afford you.

I enjoyed this book, and I believe just about anyone starting out in business or looking for practical, no-nonsense ways to gain control of their lives will find at least a few useful kernels in Millionaire in 90 Days.

It’s now been 10 days since I began reading the book (I finished it 2 days ago). By applying its lessons, I now have 80 more days to become a millionaire… 😉 Let’s see if it works!

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